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Von Winning Kirchenstuck GG 2018

Von Winning
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Von Winning Kirchenstück GG 2018

The church piece is fermented in 500l tonneau and expanded on the full yeast, only 2nd and 3rd occupancy, no new wood. Like all GGs, this one remains on the yeast for well over a year and does not come onto the market until the spring of the year after the harvest. Because only the long yeast store brings the desired result. Is this Germany's largest location? The church piece is considered the crowning glory in Forst. Cult. The church piece is produced by several top producers, the 3 Niederberger wineries Buhl, Bassermann and Winning but also Bürklin-Wolf. Pechstein is pure basalt and a lot of strength. Kirchenstück, on the other hand, has basalt and volcanic rock, but also a bit of clay and clay, so rather heavy soils. As a result, the church piece is always a bit more complex, multiple in personality. And due to the very cool location, it is a bit finer, it doesn't have the sexy approach of the Jesuit garden and it doesn't have the sheer power of the pitch stone. Kirchenstück is totally balanced. You just don't get any edges out of his nose. It is a wine in its infinite delicacy, which I find difficult to put in a comparative story. The most sublime wine of all Forster GGs. So (almost) always the best wine in Germany, because this wine is so fine and yet has the sheer size and grandeur. The delicacy and grandeur is perhaps at most comparable to Christmann's auction wine Ölberg Kapelle. The new wood is put away much better here than with the GGs Jesuit garden and monsters. The church piece is just as good as the Pechstein power section. The nose shows smokiness from the volcanic rock, but in 2018 also exotic fruit, pineapple, passion fruit, passion fruit, yellow melon, lemon grass, a lot of Darjeeling tea, a little walnut, very long intense, spicy, a little white pepper. The wine is also so exotic in the mouth this year and so highly intense in the fruit, passion fruit again, passion fruit, net melon, worn, lots and lots of salt, delicate rock flour hints, which at the current stage, however, do not really come through against the immense fruit intensity. The whole thing is incredibly melty, all tropical fruits dissolve on the palate in fine salted, creamy enamel, which is just kept in check by the delicate trace of acid. The fine sweetness makes the whole thing incredibly delicious. These insanely high extracts of the year, a lot of glycerin, the punchy saltiness sometimes struggles through the fullness of fruit, enormous feel, so much enamel, worn, sublime. There is everything and so much more in this wine to quote Rio Reiser. From this position we have a series of 100 point wines, a series of wines that are no better. 2018 is really an exceptional year for the top, and Christmann's Idig is perhaps the best ever produced, perhaps it is also this piece of the church at von Winning. Time will tell.