Vallein Tercinier Lot 66 Petite Champagne Cognac 0.7l

Vallein Tercinier Lot 66 Petite Champagne Cognac 0.7l

Vallein Tercinier Cognac
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Vallein Tercinier Lot 66 Petite Champagne Cognac 0.7L

Cognac Famille Vallein Tercinier Lot 66 Petite Champagne Brut de Fût

An exceptional Cognac with a nose of great complexity.

In wooden box

"Yes you're right, Lot 66 means it's a 1966. As for this house, it's simply my current favourite. And hey, cask strength! Colour: deep gold. Nose: it's amazing how close to the Landier we are, and yet this isn't the same region. But this is a notch more closed, which might happen because of the higher strength (you don't know what you want, S.). We're also rather more on beeswax, Connolly leather polish, and simply honey. Let's see... With water: well, you like this or you don't, but it's all oak oils, with an obvious turpentine-y side. And linseed oil. Mouth (neat): tannins, orange skins, pine sap, earl grey, and grapy feelings. Perhaps a notch too much mint and pepper from the wood, which tends to make it really dry, but again, let's see... With water: same as on the nose, turpentine, putty, Play-Doh, all these sorts of things. Water totally wakens the oak's oils. The good news is that some fruits and honeys didn't give up. Finish: long, oily and resinous. Peaches and raisins cooked in mint sauce in the aftertaste. Comments: quite, as they say in Westminster. Probably not a consensual style, but it works for me. SGP:561 - 88 points."
Serge Valentin "Malternatives on Sunday, today Cognac"

An astonishing combination that mixes notes of vanilla, cinnamon, saffron and leather rounded off by very subtle aromas of jasmine, nutmeg, fragrant moss and roasted coffee.

The palate is long, fresh and rounded; beautifully balanced between liquorice, menthol and walnut. Lasting savors that leave final traces of spices such as cardamom, fennel and candied fruits.


Petite Champagne


This Cognac continues to age in oak cask,bottled with order.

Slowly reduced. Light filtration at ambient temperature.

Not chill-filtered, natural color