Gross Traminec 2017,Gross,

Gross Traminec 2017

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Gross Traminec 2017

Deep and extremely multilayered, new aromas always appear in the foreground. Orange oil, anise and hibiscus, as well as some green plums and the best acacia honey. The maceration in his mouth gives him structure, a refreshing mint, and a dash of sage in the long haul.

Production specifics: Traminec is produced using the semi-carbon maceration method. Half of the berries were left whole, the other half was gently squeezed. We macerated them together in a sealed container for several weeks. The squeeze then extracted some more sugar from the berries. The fermentation was concluded in a used wooden barrel, in which the wine matured for two and a half years.

Recommended Food: A classic accompaniment to goose liver and Asian inspired dishes, or as an aperitif.

Gross winery is located in the Styria region of Slovenia.
The wines of the family are one of the best in the region year after year. The Gross family has been producing wine since 1907. The vineyards are cultivated in a sustainable and guaranteed approach, and the use of the machines is almost impossible. In this area, the cold winds from the Alps meet the warm air masses of the Adriatic Sea.
Grapes in this Alpine-Mediterranean climate become fully ripe, with daily temperature fluctuations up to 20 ° C, it has both freshness and aroma.
The soil is very diverse: sand and gravel, limestone shells, marls or soil of volcanic origin, depending on the vineyard area, characterize the indispensable character of the wines. Our portfolio is characterized by white varieties such as Pinot Blanc, Muscat Blanc Petits Grains, Sauvignon Blanc or Slovenian furmint. Vinification is entirely focused on the origin of the wines, characterized by both climate and soil.
In the cellar we rely on natural, traditional methods: the wines ferment spontaneously, without the addition of selected yeasts, ripen in wooden barrels, do not clean and clear them with oenological agents, bottled without filtration.