Tinto Red Premium Gin 40% Vol. 1,5l in Giftbox

Tinto Red Premium Gin 40% Vol. 1,5l in Giftbox

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On the banks of the Minho River around Valença, lush wild flora grows amid a series of streams and hamlets that captivate nature and landscape lovers alike.
João Guterres strolled through the countryside and decided to create a gin with the herbs and fruits he had collected. - But something was missing, something special, and so João waited until the end of October, for a unique fruit reserved only for Valença.
He waited for the fruit of the pericos. Pericos are pear-like fruits that only grow on trees in Valença, the "escramboeiros".
A 90-day maceration, the use of rye and barley and a slow triple distillation give this gin its unique character.

Botanicals: Perico (Portuguese pyrus), dill, poppy, lavender, oranges, lemons, catnip, willow leaves, laurel, elderberry, rosemary, pickleweed, eucalyptus, lemon balm, lemon bush, blackberries.

Tasting notes:

Colour: Straw yellow.
Nose: Spicy, herbs, sweet grapes, hint of orange peel.
Taste: Spicy, cloves, cardamom, juniper, hints of port.
Finish: Long lasting, notes of citrus flavours.