Suntory Cobra Whisky 1.0L,Suntory,

Suntory Cobra Whisky 1.0L

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Suntory Cobra Whisky Country: JapanCategory: Blended MaltDistillery: SuntoryABV: 39.0%Volume: 1.0L About the Suntory Cobra Whisky “Hi! What’s Up? Why don’t we get together and make a wild trio? Just you, me and Cobra! Cobra goes easy with soda. We’ll just relax and sip it, real slow. Cobra and soda wil make your night… and mine, too. Remember the name: COBRA! See ya!” Isn’t this the coolest text ever written on any bottle of whisky, ever? The answer is yes! COBRA! This Suntory Cobra blended whisky was bottled for the Japanese market in the 1980s and was discontinued in the early 90s. The label mimics classic pop art design. Suntory Cobra was bottled at 39% to avoid a tax surcharge that was due from 40%, due to strict Japanese alcohol legislation in the 1980s. A rare find and one of the coolest whiskies in any collection, even though Suntory Cobra probably tastes like ass.