Scurek Rebula Up 2016

Scurek Rebula Up 2016

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Ščurek Rebula Up 2016

Rebula Up is rich, with aromas of candied orange, apricot, and dried fruit. On the palate, it’s sweetly spicy with some vanilla flavors.

Orange wines are trendy around the world right now. It’s the latest buzzword in the hipster drinking crowd. “The unique characteristic of Slovenia with orange wines is that there’s a history here, it’s not just a new fad,” Beth added. “In other regions of the world, people are trying to make skin-contact whites. Rebula Up is an ideal example of excellent orange wine—it’s not flabby but fresh and lively, so I think we made the right choice.”

Orange wines get their particular texture and rich flavor from their prolonged contact with the skins of the white grapes.

More than 120 years ago Ščurek family cultivated 1 hectare of vines, making 50 hectoliters of wine. The wines were first bottled in 1990 when the Ščurek family were farming 7 hectares of vineyards and produced 15.000 bottles of wines per year. Today father Stojan Ščurek (on the photo) and his five sons own and cultivate more than 20 hectares of vineyards, some older than 55 years.

Each year the Ščurek family releases up to 90,000 bottles of top-quality wine made from different local and international grape varieties. They have remained faithful to fresh but full-bodied wines and delay the first racking until late spring.

Today Secure produces about 120,000 bottles of wine with each vintage. But during the Tito and communist-era of Yugoslavia, and because the Scurek family were not members of the communist party, the government forbid them and others from bottling their wine. The government required them to give thirty percent of their annual grape harvest to the state through the local cooperative—the one I rode past on my way here, which is still operational but now privatized.