Scurek Dugo 2016

Scurek Dugo 2016

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Ščurek Dugo

Variety: 50 % Ribolla Gialla, 30 % Chardonnay, 20 % Pinot Blanc

Country of origin: Slovenia

Maceration: 14 days in 2500 liter conical oak barrels (tino).

Aging (maturation): 20 months in new and used 300 and 500-liter oak barrels

Light yellow color with golden shades. The nose reveals aromas on ripe fruits, oak, and dry flowers. On the palate, the wine is full-bodied, slightly salted with a long finish.

The first bottle of wine was produced in 1989. This was within the Brajda viticulture society, where local boys got together and brought the first automated bottling machine to Goriška Brda. To avoid paying for expensive licenses, they bought the device on the pretext that it would be used to bottle milk. “Success came straight away, in the first year, and we were able to sell all the wine we produced. This gave us an enormous boost; however, not long afterward, our Success was halted by the war in the Balkans, which was one of our major markets. Well, this is how things are in business; crisis comes and throws you back to the beginning. At that time, we were also involved in grape production, and we were able to continue with the sale of grapes,” remembers Stojan. In the early 1990s, they created their brand, which has been retained in its original form up to today. “When you first penetrate the market, you operate within a group until everyone has to fight for themselves. I have never tried to impose my wines on anyone. However, the market is relentless, and sometimes you have to be somewhat pushy to secure a They are very critical. All six must be happy with what goes into the bottle Family Business Slovenia 2016 | 41 Red Stara brand matures for 24 months in oak barrels sale. Nevertheless, I do prefer promoting as part of socializing. We have a drink or two, and during the tasting of wines, we get to know each other better,” says Stojan.