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"R" de Ruinart is a blend made up of 40% Chardonnay, 57% Pinot Noir, and 3% Pinot Meunier, 20 to 25% of which are wines reserved from the two previous years. At first, the nose is delicate, fresh and fruity, filled with aromas of pears, Bosc apples, apricots, hazelnuts, and fresh almonds. Several floral and spicy notes add an extra hint of complexity. The second nose reveals superb olfactory intensity on a more biscuity, brioche-like base. Balanced, rounded, and full-bodied, the palate shows aromas of ripe fruits like greengages and nectarines.

Visually, its radiance is crystalline with a shimmering yellow colour and golden hues. The nose is delicate and fruity displaying dominant aromas of fresh white pear and dry fruits such as hazelnuts and almonds, followed by white flower notes, Viennese pastry and buttered brioche.

The Champagne is the northernmost and one of the most important wine regions of France, since it produces the sparkling wine of the same name (white or pink), prepared by the traditional method in the region.
This village is situated about 200 km from Paris, are 34,000 hectares, of whom 31,000 are cultivated. Its wines must meet established conditions to qualify for appellation of origin, such as: grapes come from the varieties Pinot noir, pinot meunier and chardonnay make his second fermentation (using the Methode Champenoise), ie the foam has that occur within the same bottle in the second fermentation

The winery Ruinart is a winery that produces champagnes using varieties of chardonnay and pinot noir. Located in Reims in the middle of the department of Champagne. Their products are renowned.

One of the oldest Champagne houses, founded in 1729, Ruinart was the first house to export Champagne. A classic Champagne that was sought-after and hard to come by. Elegant and subtle; one of the jewels in Champagne's crown.