Nginious! Smoked & Salted Gin 42% Vol. 0,5l

Nginious! Smoked & Salted Gin 42% Vol. 0,5l

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Besides juniper, bitter oranges, quinces, coriander and ginger were distilled in separate groups.
The real highlight, however, is the use of chestnuts in a separate batch. They give the nginious! Smoked & Salted Gin its fine smoky note. However, this does not dominate the gin.
For the final refinement, a rare rock salt from the Swiss Alps, 'Sel à l'Ancienne', which was also previously smoked, was added to the blended gin.

Botanicals: juniper, bitter orange, quince, coriander, ginger, chestnut, smoke and salt.

Tasting notes:

Color: Clear.
Nose: Juniper, notes of smoke, salt, quince.
Flavour: notes of coriander, ginger, smoke, salt.
Finish: Long lasting.

Garnish best with a dry tonic or ginger beer, a sliced kumquat and a sprig of thyme.