Nardini Grappa RUTA 43% Vol. 1l

Nardini Grappa RUTA 43% Vol. 1l

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Since 1779, brandies and spirits have been produced in Bassano del Grappa by the Bortollo Nardini company. The founder of the oldest Italian distillery was Bortollo Nardini. The logo of the company, which is also reflected on the bottles, has been the Ponte Vecchio for years.

This grappa is produced according to an ancient infusion recipe. Pomace brandy and rhombus twigs are used as the raw material. The rue twigs are infused with pomace brandy at pre-determined quantities and times. Rue branches have therapeutic and digestive properties.

Tasting notes:

Colour: Light gold with green accents.
Nose: Herbs, ruta (grapevine).
Taste: Intense, dry, typical, grapevine.
Finish: Long lasting.

Best served at room temperature immediately after the meal. This grappa also tastes very good in long drinks.