Mulit Rdece 2017

Mulit Rdece 2017

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Mulit Rdeče 2017

Composition of varieties:

Cabernet Sauvignon

Method of Aging and Production:

The red 2016 varieties were harvested on September 29th. After the harvest, a 14-day maceration (fermentation in contact with the strawberry skin) of the grapes takes place. Further fermentation takes place in stainless steel containers. After malolactic fermentation is completed, Mulit wine is red-flowed to oak barrels of French origin. Dosing in barrels takes 18 months. Before Mulit wine is red-marketed, it has to mature for at least 6 months in a bottle.

Harvest characteristics:

The weather conditions were favorable in 2016: moderate temperatures throughout the growing season and dry weather in September will cause the red varieties to reach full maturity. With a slightly shorter contact of the skins in fermentation, we wanted to emphasize the fruity character of Mulit red wine and maintain the softness for further ripening.


MULIT was first created in 1997. The pioneers of the red variety from the Brda wine-growing region focus on the production of two wines: Red and White. In both cases, it is a style of wine that places fruit (primary) sensations and aromas that develop through maturation (secondary). Climatic features - warm sea air from the Gulf of Trieste and cooler nights with winds from the Julian Alps - create favorable thermal fluctuations that characterize the aromatic complexity of wines from the Brd area.