Vesevo Taurasi Ensis 2012,Farnese,

Vesevo Taurasi Ensis 2012

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He has the stigmata of the passista climber. Tostissimo. And not only for the indomitable passion for cycling that led him to launch a team of professionals - the Fantini, this year gloriously at the start of the Giro d'Italia - but also for the way with which Valentino Sciotti led the creature of to which he has always been the top manager, born in Ortona, Abruzzo, with the Farnese label, expanded in the neighboring regions, overflowed first into the "world" Benetton and then into a multinational "box" of investors, to cut milestones in circulation and turnover (close to 70 million!) really unthinkable at the time of departure. Vesevo, Campania (Irpinia and Aglianico, but not only, the range embraces almost all the regional must-haves) is one of the tesserae of a mosaic that has pieces in Puglia, Basilicata and Sicily, in addition to the region of origin. And the Ensis is the flagship, the super-premium bottle decorated, in fact, with a small sword ("ensis" in Latin) applied on the bottle. And if the blade of the grape is rightly sharpened, and the tannins are clear, the scabbard is definitely padded with velvet (16 months of small wood have made their own). And the round, enveloping and persuasive taste hilt is one that everyone, at all latitudes of wine passion, can grasp with pleasure. A global market oriented wine, of course, but at the same time identifying and refined. In the winning and coherent style of the house. Robert Parker 90 points.