Lichtenberger & González Vorderberg 2013,Lichtenberger & González,

Lichtenberger & Gonzalez Vorderberg 2013

Lichtenberger & González
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Lichtenberger & González Vorderberg 2013

The steepest parts of the Leitaberg, 100% limestone, 100% Blue Franconian, completely de-stemmed, fermented in an open wooden tub, stamped by hand and foot. Fermentation, then left on the skin for another 3 weeks, then pressed once and put directly into the barrel, aged on the whole yeast in two used oak barrels. Remaining on the whole yeast for almost 2 years, no battonage. Only then will it be filled. 60 year old vines, the Vorderberg is only the front barren part, very steep. The middle and lower part comes in the Leitaberg. The nose shows violets, licorice, black pepper, fully ripe sour cherries, nice lime notes at the end, very grippy in the mouth. Great straight running, power, again pepper, sour cherry, a lot of grip and very rocky. The wine has an incredible presence, almost cutting edge. Fully fermented from the tannic acid structure. With 13.5 alcohol, a real cracker and extremely puristic and wide, long, punchy, never fat and spicy. The location is right under the forest and pure limestone, i.e. the acid is high, cool location, 6 gr acid. The vineyard is right on the edge of a former quarry. This is a puristic, elegant, powerful power part, exciting.