Legend of Kremlin Premium Russian Vodka BLACK BOOK 40% Vol. 0,7l in Giftbox

Legend of Kremlin Premium Russian Vodka BLACK BOOK 40% Vol. 0,7l in Giftbox

Legend of Kremlin
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In 1430, the monk Isidore discovered a forgotten manuscript, with which he later set off for a copper distillery.
There he watched intently as the clear liquid was poured out of the cauldron, thus laying the foundation for our vodka of today.

Vodka became a vocation for Isidore. Constantly searching for improvement to make this spirit so unique, so that every sip brings joy.
Soon the Russian royal family also discovered this delicacy.
Isidore wanted to keep his recipe a secret, but unfortunately he was not able to do so. Vodka spread from country to country. Every brewer developed his own variant.
Due to its popularity and the many variations, it was feared that Isidore's perfection would disappear forever. But it was preserved by the Legend of Kremlin.

Only the most luxurious grain of Russia is used for the production. This vodka is distilled in tailor-made copper kettles.
It is distilled five times. A high-quality filter of marble, silver and platinum is used to produce this unforgettably pure liquid.

The grey bottle is also something special. The exclusive Romanov imperial coat of arms is shown in the middle of the bottle. The elegant, hand-made bottle has the shape of a traditional Russian crystal carafe from the 15th century.

Tasting notes:

Color: Clear.
Nose: Clear, soft, creamy, slightly sweet, notes of pepper.
Taste: Rich, soft, smooth, cereal, hints of mineral aromas.
Finish: Long lasting, sweet, spicy, warm, vanilla, honey.