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When it is about whiskey, you can't avoid the name "Jack Daniel's". The Tennessee Whiskey of the US-American distillery is one of the best-selling and most famous whiskeys worldwide. But the house of Jack Daniel's has much more to offer than just the standard version of the whiskey - for example a very special drop with an unmistakable character: Jack Daniel's gentleman Jack Whiskey in the 0.7L bottle.

Jack Daniel's enters the tongue with a particularly soft body. This smoothness is made possible by charcoal filtration. After this important step, the whiskey is left to rest in burnt-out oak barrels for four years. The result is an excellent whiskey with a deep amber colour, which inspires the taster with its softness.

During the nosing, Jack Daniel's gentleman Jack is more shy and reserved, but still reveals some fruity-balanced nuances. Fine notes of roasted nuts and vanilla fuse together to create a very harmonious fragrance.

The Tennessee Whiskey by Jack Daniel shows a evolution in the process of tasting. At the first meeting with the palate, the fine drop behaves gently and then unfolds an oily, even creamy character. At the end, an elegant and pleasant sweetness can be recognized. If the taste of Jack Daniel's gentleman Jack is explored more closely, accents of spice and oak will appear, which round off the sip wonderfully.