Isfjord Premium Arctic Gin 44% Vol. 0,7l

Isfjord Premium Arctic Gin 44% Vol. 0,7l

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ISFJORD Premium Arctic Gin is probably the softest gin you can find.
It has been distilled 5 times with 12 of the best herbal ingredients. Carefully balanced with the full aroma of juniper berries, the delicate touch of lemongrass, the soft notes of angelica root and a hint of cardamom, to finish with a slightly bittersweet note of orange. Not to mention the remarkable softness resulting from distillation with Greenlandic iceberg water.

This new super premium gin from the Arctic with 44% alcohol has already earned a place in the absolute world league of gin.

- Silver medal in 2018 at the International Wine and Spirits Competition
- Silver medal in 2012 at the International Spirits Challenge

Tasting notes:

Drink it straight, or create the perfect ISFJORD Gin Tonic with crushed ice, the best tonic you can find, ISFJORD Premium Arctic Gin and with a slice of orange. You will neither forget nor regret the wonders of this delicious Premium Arctic Gin with iceberg water from Greenland.