Hine Millesime 1985 Early Landed Cognac 0,7l

Hine Millesime 1985 Early Landed Cognac 0,7l

Hine Cognac
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Hine Millesime 1985 Early Landed Cognac 0,7L


For each exceptional year, HINE sets aside casks to be matured as vintages.

The Early Landed is aged in bonded cellars near Bristol (UK) under the guard of the local authority.

For any given vintage, the climate of the year and the storage conditions influence the ageing process and the taste of the cognac, making each vintage unique. 

A well-balanced cognac

After the ageing in the damp and humid Bristol cellars, this very powerful and round eau-de-vie reveals a very good balance.

On the nose and also on the palate, the typical aromas of orange peel and lime tree blossom are quite remarkable.

Tasting Notes

First impression : wild cherry wood.

Main character : balance.

Characteristics : soft spices, lime tree, orange peel.