Himbrimi Old Tom Gin 0.5l

Himbrimi Old Tom Gin 0.5l

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A unique Old Tom Gin with hints of wild arctic thyme, angelica flowers, and honey.

The name "Himbrimi" means “heaven howler” and is the Icelandic name for the loon (Gavia immer).

This gin is based on early 18th century gin recipes and is inspired by the scent of wild botanicals that grow along the banks of lakes and rivers in Iceland.

The outcome is a sweet, floral and complex gin, like nothing you have ever tasted before. Himbrimi Gin is to be enjoyed straight from the bottle while fly-fishing in a flowing river, and is perfect for mixing into your favorite cocktail back at the cabin, after spending a long day outdoors.

A list of some of our favorite cocktails...

Below are a few of our favorite Himbrimi cocktails, made by some of the best bartenders around the globe.


Heaven Howler

45 ml of Himbrimi Old Tom Gin

20 ml of rhubarb bitter

35 ml of honey syrup

35 ml of rhubarb juice

20 ml of Birch Bitter

  7 ml of wild chervill juice


Shake with ice, strain in a long glass, garnish with chervill sprig.


by Jónmundur Þorsteinsson

Apótek, Reykjavik Iceland



40 ml of Himbrimi Old Tom Gin

40 ml of crowberry juice

30 ml of sour mix

20 ml of Elderflower Liqueur

10 ml of arctic thyme syrup

10 ml of Birch Bitter


Shake with ice, strain in a glass, garnish with blueberries.



30 ml of Himbrimi Old Tom Gin

20 ml of rhubarb liqueur

15 ml of Carpano Antica Formula

10 ml of Campari


Chill with dry-ice, pour in a snifter, garnish with lemon peel.


by Ivan Svanur Corvasce

GeiriSmart, Reykjavik Iceland

Tom Collins

50 ml of Himbrimi Old Tom Gin

50 ml of simple syrup

25 ml of lemon juice

A dash of Club Soda

Shake with ice, pour in a rock glass, garnish with a slice of lime and a sprig of arctic thyme

One of our favorite classics.