Grosperrin Millesime 1988 Fins Bois Cognac 0,7l

Grosperrin Millesime 1988 Fins Bois Cognac 0,7l

Grosperrin Cognac
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Grosperrin Millesime 1988 Fins Bois Cognac 0,7L

Cognac Fin Bois 1988 Grosperrin 70 cl 50,5%

It is an assembly of two cognacs of Fins Bois dated on 1988.
The one comes from a wine grower today retired, situated in the village of Ecoeyes, a few kilometers away from the city of Saintes in Charente-Maritime. The harvest 1988 was plentiful and qualitative and he decided to let age a part of his harvest by storing it under control of State from March 6th, 1989.

Other Cognac, for approximately 1/3 of the cutting, results from a family of wine growers still in service of the region of Matha. Their harvest, probably more important, allowed them to accommodate it in recent barrels from March 3rd, 1989.

Both cognacs aged in wine storehouses under control of State until their assembly and their first reduction in Jean's wine storehouses and Guilhem Grosperrin, who were made under bailiff's control on March 8th, 2007.