Glendronach Parliament 21 Year Old 0.7l

Glendronach Parliament 21 Year Old 0.7l

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Glendronach 21 YO Parliament is a special single malt whisky from Scotland. The dark drop impresses with a well thought-out and harmonious composition of different aromas, which play a wonderful melody during its tasting and nosing. This is one of the most popular whiskies of the Scottish distillery.

Barrel selection

This Glendronach bottling is left to rest in high-quality barrels for a total of 21 years. As a result its distinctive dark colour and character are created. For this purpose different Oloroso and Pedro Ximenez sherry barrels (PX) are selected. These give the whisky an unique sweetness and fruitiness.


If you want to enjoy Glendronach 21 to the fullest, we recommend to admire its range of aromas. The nose recognizes complex notes reminiscent of sherry, spices and pastry. As a whole, Glendronach's 21-year-old bottling is very fruity.


The agening process in Oloroso barrels is recognizable in its taste. Other notes on the palate: dark chocolate, plum must, nuts and cinnamon. "Glendronach 21 Jahre Scotch Single Malt" plays a wonderful symphony for the tongue that leaves a lasting impression.


The end of the tasting is a long-lasting one. The resonance of Glendronach 21 Scotch Whisky says goodbye with a spicy hint.