Dveri-Pax Pinot Grigio R 2015

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Dveri-Pax Pinot Grigio R 2015

Variety Composition: Pinot Gris 100%

Origin: Styria Slovenia

Description of the year

Despite some prolonged periods of summer heat, 2015 proved to be one of the best in recent years. The wines are fuller body but still moderate, the acid values ​​are normal and the wines have a lot of aromatic charge.

Harvesting: Hand harvested. Vineyard: Radomerje.

Vinification: 18 months in used 600 l Slavonian timber barrels. Mature on fine lees.

Analytical data

Alcohol rate:


Acid content:

4.85 g / l

Residual sugar:

1 g / l



Description of the wine

After the years 2008, 2011 and 2013, 2015 is the next in the series of gray pinot "R".
The color is deeper, golden yellow. The flower is accentuated, well matured. We find fine smoky notes, vanilla, floral notes such as rose, honey, overripe tropical fruits that are beautifully intertwined. We can not find such a fragrant gray pinot no malice, neither here nor abroad. Most likely in Alsace. Still doubt that gray pinot is an aromatic variety.
In the mouth, the dry, acidic gray pinot may be run out quickly, but there is more than enough wine in this wine to cope with the bold body and oily texture of the wine. In the mouth it spreads to all corners where it lasts and lasts. A more modern version that has the finesse of 2008 and the richness of 2011. Gray pinot with a big "S".

Matching with food

Stronger main courses with rich sauces.

The ability to mature

Already in full shape. Sleep between 2018-2025.