Domaine Trapet Riquewihr R R.Q.W.R. Riesling 2018

Domaine Trapet Riquewihr R R.Q.W.R. Riesling 2018

Domaine Trapet
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The historians believe it is the Romans’ “Argitis minor”. It was first recorded in Alsace in the 15th century after a detour via the Rhine and Orleans.

A little closer to home, the grape growers call it “Aromatic pleasure” (Edle gewurtztraube).

Before the Revolution, it was only grown by a few select vineyards, the only ones who could make it mature.

In Beblenheim, my grandparents planted it on the Burgraben (castle vine) and the Hagenschlauf, two chalky soils that give the young Rieslings their pretty floral lemony notes. With age, the mineral content is enhanced and the wine acquires a smooth sweet note. It goes remarkably well with slender fish, seafood and the delicious coq au Riesling (for which I can give you the recipe).


Area of 1ha
Production of 5000 bottles