Saint Cosme Cote Rotie 2017,CHATEAU DE SAINT COSME,

Saint Cosme Cote Rotie 2017

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This wine grows 100% on the Cote Brune side of the Cote Rotie mountain, only on slate layers. As we know, slate gives a completely different flavor than granite. The difference can be seen very well at Stephan Ogiers Lancement. This is granite in an infinite, red-fruity delicacy, and on the other hand its Belle Helene, with much more power and flavor. This slate-cote rotie by Louis Barruols Saint Cosme shows exactly this spice and at the same time this incredible delicacy of the vintage. Now we have reached the royal location of the North Rhone with the Cote Rotie. Louis Barruol has been making one of the best Cote Roties for so many years. He always works with the same winegrowers. This is a model like Michel Tardieu's, and if this combination fits over decades, it is great cinema. And in this super year, in this ripe vintage, with these super soft and velvety ripe tannins. It's no wonder that the Cote Rotie nose is very similar to St. Joseph. Similar terroirs, 100% Syrah, and St. Joseph is the little brother in terms of style. The Cote Rotie is a little bulkier, blacker and burnt on the nose. It is also the first wine from Louis' three Nord Syrahs to show relatively tight liquorice. In addition to a lot of blackberry, mulberry and a little bit of cassis. A lot of black cherry. But nothing harsh, nothing green in the nose. Lush, rich and yet not fat. Radiating delicacy. Undressed, preserving freshness. In the mouth, its delicacy and cherryiness are particularly surprising. We also have blackberry, liquorice and cassis here. But a lot of black cherry lies over it. Some tarragon, coriander. The amazing thing about this incredibly fine, ripe and juicy mouth is that it is vinified from 100% whole grapes. Whole grapes with rappen, styles, stems, then left in and after fermentation on the skins for three to four weeks. In order to get the balance out of the incredible freshness of the Rappen and the ripe fruit, that is simply a decision of the time of harvest. Louis Barroul has been doing this for decades, timely harvest for freshness and unstacked, and he does it always and in every vintage. He only has to be prepared accordingly in the vineyard work. Louis is only one of three producers who ferment 100% and always unstacked and spontaneously. Natural expansion in the wood. This wine is so long, so dense, and at the same time so infinitely fine. We have spicy vegetal fresh elements, we have a spicy minerality and elegance, and always a freshness that always means an additional element in this form. The wine takes a little longer than the more open Crozes Hermitage and St. Joseph, but it's a great wine. It is on the same level as Michel Tardieu's similarly good Cote Rotie. A big year for Cote Rotie, a big year for Saint Cosme.