Château Jean Faure Saint-Émilion Grand Cru 2016,Château Jean Faure,

Chateau Jean Faure Saint-Emilion Grand Cru 2016

Château Jean Faure
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Château Jean Faure Saint-Émilion Grand Cru 2016

We only noticed during the harvest that the wines have this wonderful freshness. We actually expected the aromas of a hot vintage and were totally amazed by the bold style. It is particularly nice, of course, that we still have the extract sweetness of a hot vintage. "This fragrance gets under your skin, I only have to hold my nose against this glass for a moment, and I have goose bumps, this sensational, highly concentrated and extremely complex black fruit, This fragrance leaves the impression that it comes from the depth of a drawing well. The aromatic terroir could not be more refined, tobacco, leather, truffles, herbs, spices, flowery variations. Olivier Decelle: "It is very important to harvest the Cabernet Franc while it is still alive are in the floral area, that's a tightrope walk, then it goes very quickly towards jam. We could have waited for the harvest without any problems, there was no botrytis, but we really wanted to avoid it turning into jam. "On the palate it shows an almost explosive appearance, the concentration is enormous, what ire inner strength that is a mouthful of wine, rich, complex, extremely tasty, with a fabulous structure, there are tannins without end but sensationally fine. When you taste this wine you can tell that Olivier Decelle loves Burgundy, his style in Bordeaux is also very Burgundian The ingenious freshness puts the stamp on the wine from A - Z, that is a very individual wine personality, but a very big one.