Black Tomato Gin 42,3% Vol. 0,5l

Black Tomato Gin 42,3% Vol. 0,5l

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The Black Tomato Gin comes from a small Dutch fishing village called Bruinisse.
The gin is made from black tomatoes and is 100% vegetarian.
The water used for the production comes from the largest national park in Holland's Oosterschelde.
The tomatoes used come from Italy and Sicily. They are picked by hand and crushed before being macerated.
With Black Tomato, the juniper is deliberately pushed into the background and the tomato is emphasized.

Tasting notes:

Colour: dark.
Nose: fruity, sweet, notes of tomato.
Taste: Juicy, rich tomato aroma, noticeable pungency, citrus fruit.
Finish: Long lasting, fruity, spicy.

To soften the spiciness, it is recommended to drink the Gin on the Rocks.