Batic Valentino 2015 0.2l,Batič,

Batic Valentino 2015 0.2l

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SORT: 50% Pinela, 50 % Rebula VINEYARD: Brajda, Vogrsko hillWINE DISTRICT: VipavaCULTIVATION: Biodynamic (Demeter) with PCSSOIL: marlAVG. VINE AGE: 25 yearsPLANTATION DENSITY: 12.000 vines/HaVINTAGE TIME: OctoberHARVESTING: manual (selection)HARVESTING TECHNOLOGY:The harvest was carried out manually – only the noblest grapes BATIČ VALENTINO & FOOD:Valentino goes well with a slice of walnut or tarragon potica roll, chocolate and caramel sweets, as well as apple-poppy and walnut pastry.Sweets complemented with a coffee bean and a slice of dried orange make a most interesting combination with Valentino. Pairings with blue cheeses recommended.