Movia Puro Rose 2010,Movia,

Movia Puro Rose 2010

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Movia Puro Rose 2010

Lunar's counterpart on the bubbly side of life. Puro starts off where other champagnes end their lives and move on to the ageing process. A Puro turned upside-down can live forever, as its permanently present yeasts are capable of keeping it alive for years. There is only as much suplhur as the yeasts themselves produce. A medium orange to red color. Red fruits on the nose, well matured, tertiary, yet still plenty of freshness. Dry, very homogeneous on the palate, the base wine was probably partly matured in fresh wood as there are gentle herbal notes present. A very complex, long-lasting, excellent sparkling wine.

The colour is rather intense salmon with plenty of tiny and vivacious bubbles. Quite extravagant on the nose, developed and mature as one might expect from an almost ten years old sparkling.  We can find hay, dried herbs, flowers - almost like being on the lawn in the summer, some noble wood, balsamic and yeasty notes. Dry on the palate, vibrant, medium bodied, with intense character and touch of tannic grip. This is certainly not a classic aperitif-style sparkler but one that goes nicely with warm first courses and fish. In top condition.

Pinot Noir 100%
12.00 %
Vine training: 
Guyot single
Average vine age: 
32 years
Characteristic late harvest, hand picked, short vine-to-fermentation times (max. 2h). Primary fermentation in large tanks on natural yeasts obtained from the same pre-harvested grapes (5%). Macerated 1 day, hence the sensitive rosé hue. Followed by gentle pressing at low pressure levels. Secondary fermentation completed in barrique barrels on the lees, no racking. No sulphur or any other preservatives used before bottling. Following four years of maturing in barrique barrels the wine completes all its natural processes and become naturally stable, ready for a long life.
Dégorgement – removal of sediment: 
The 2003 vintage base wine was matured until the 2007 harvest when the wine from all barrels was assembled in a large tank. Contrary to the classical method, no sugar was used nor were any yeasts added for fermentation in the bottle. Only must with all its substances and its world of microorganisms was added. The matured wine then ferments in the bottle creating the PURO.
Fermentation in the bottle: 
Puro is a very special sparkling wine as it is not degorged by ourselves. This is left to you, when you open the bottle. The wine thus continues its life with its own natural yeasts in the bottle until the very end and it contains no preservatives. The advantage is that the wine has an endless life. Some may find this procedure of opening the wine unpractical. But we believe that practicality is a factor taken into consideration only with regard to the outside world, never with regard to the inner-self or life in general.
(SO2) total: 
10 mg/l