Data Protection & Privacy Policy

Data Protection & Privacy Policy

DELIVERY WINE CO ( and staff strive to protect your confidential data and personal information. Please carefully read our policy on data usage below:

1. How we use your personal information and data

We collect and use your personal information & data to ensure compliance with all laws and contracts and to resolve customer support & administration issues.

2. Marketing Usage

We may use your personal information for marketing purposes or to send notifications from us. If you do not wish to receive these offers or notifications then please contact us at

3. Data Storage

We will store your personal information for a reasonable amount of time in order to provide support and administration of our services. We only receive the information that comes directly from our customers and it is stored safely and securely and is not shared to a third party at any time.

4. The information we collect

When you contact us by phone, online, or any other means available, we will save only the information that is given to us upon placing an order and may include information such as device used, system data, time, location, advertising interaction, clicks, entry point, duration, etc.

If you are concerned about data usage, then we suggest using anonymous browsing.

You can also request to know what data we have on you, subject to proving your identity. We will not release this data to anyone else, unless legally obliged to do so.

Data collected is dependent upon means of contact, such as phone number by phone or email address via the internet.

We collect data mainly to improve our services and for internal analysis.

Your information is not shared to any other companies, with the sole exception of usage for delivery & insurance purposes, at which point relevant information, such as name, address & phone number would be given, and by placing an order you are agreeing to that usage.

If you do not wish to receive any additional message from us beyond what is needed to process your order, then simply let us know by contacting

5. Storage Law

We store your information in compliance with the requirements of the data storage laws and we reserve the right to store this information after the completion of our service and sale, even if you no longer use the services of our company. Your information will be stored for a reasonable amount of time unless the law or regulatory authorities require us to keep it longer.

6. Third Party Usage

We only share your data with third parties that are directly related to your order, such as delivery companies. No lists of our customers are transferred to third parties, except for requests from state authorities, if any.

7. Email Alerts, Correspondence, News and Promotions

We reserve the right to send you correspondence by phone or email, by using the information you give to us, and we may on rare occasions send to you information about products, discounts and promotions. You have the right to refuse to receive these notifications by following the instructions or by writing to us at

8. Monitoring Email Correspondence

As part of our security protocol we monitor all communication to employees and, in the case of unsafe content of any message or its attachment, such as a virus, we have the right to remove or delay it.

9. Cookie Policy

Our website uses cookies, which are small pieces of code and files that improve the performance of our site on your computer. Below is our policy on what information we collect via cookies, as well as how we use it and when we store it.

You have the right to deny or block the use of cookies, but then we cannot guarantee the best website experience possible.

You can read more about cookies on Wikipedia here.

Use of Cookies

We recommend the use of cookies for the best possible use of our site, as you should be aware that most sites also use cookies for the same purpose.

Disabling Cookies

You can disable cookies via your browser settings, but that also may affect your browsing experience. as well as affecting certain features and capabilities of websites in general, so we recommend against it.

Related Cookies Email

When subscribing to our newsletter we use cookies that remember you for a better overall experience.

Handling related cookie orders

Cookies are also used when placing an order to better facilitate processing, including canceling or editing your order.

Related Cookies Forms

If you fill out any forms on our website, cookies can save your user data for future use or correspondence.

Third Party Cookies

You may also encounter third party cookies while on our website, such as Google Analytics, which we need to analyze stats. These cookies can track the time spent on our site, the pages you visit, the content you prefer, the time you visit our site, length of stay, etc.

You can learn more about Google Analytics cookie information here.

Once again, we remind you that for the site to work well, we recommend that you leave cookies turned on.

10. Security

We take security seriously and use all reasonable measures to ensure your data is secure, including the use of password protection, encryption, access control, backup, transfer standards and environmental integrity control to protect your data from loss or misuse.

ATTENTION: We do not store your credit or debit card details. The data of ANY card used to pay for an order is always encrypted and not stored.

11. Questions and Requests

If you should have any additional questions regarding our privacy policy, data protection or their use in our services, you can contact us at



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