Gabriel-Glas - Set Of 6 - Austrian Crystal Wine Glass - "Standart" Edition

Gabriel-Glas - Set Of 6 - Austrian Crystal Wine Glass - "Standart" Edition

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Machine-made (the Standard edition) Austrian crystal

Wine enthusiasts love the glass – one glass takes up less space, they are elegant, impressive and show the wine in the best possible light

Restaurants love the glass – one durable, yet sleek glass for all wines makes life more comfortable, and sommeliers agree that wine is enhanced in the glass

Wineries love the glass for all the same reasons

Six glass gift set

The machine-blown GABRIEL-GLAS © weighs only 150 grams.

Every little detail, each millimeter matters when it comes to wine enjoyment. And this is why you will experience such incredible pleasure with the GABRIEL-GLAS ©

The flat execution provides stability and elegance to the glass. The weight of the foot determines whether the glass has the proper balance in your hand. And in conjunction with the length of the stem, which is designed in a barely perceptible x-shape, it can also be elegantly held with all five fingers.

The glass cup itself combines several significant features that differ significantly from the conventional wine glass! 

The glass shape between the bowl and rim is subtly conically curved inward. This allows for the optimal bundling of the bouquet. When drinking the wine, the volatile fatty substances are again mixed with the lighter flavors, because they are overturned like the action when a wave breaks. This phenomenon is not possible in a bulbous glass.

When enjoying the wine, the entire nose can be placed in the glass and makes drinking it more comfortable because you do not have to move your whole head back to allow the wine to flow onto your palate. Moreover, before the very much anticipated the first sip, one is very close to the bouquet. Very important: The wine flows much broader in the Gabriel-Glas in contrast to the standard bulbous glasses and distributes the wine more broadly on the tongue so that each tiny taste bud is reached.