Mar De Frades Godello 2017

Mar De Frades Godello 2017

Mar de Frades
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Mar de Frades Godello 2017

Atlantic character that combines its elegant structure with delicacy and intensity, a wine with a perfect singularity.

The fall of the leaf began when the strains were dry, the pruning and the winter arrived at the same time. We left of the strains some dormant buds, that withstood the low temperatures of the winter, without hardly frosts. Spring came forward, and the first leaves of the vines gave rise to anticipated clusters. With hardly any rain during the ripening, the water stress suffered in the field caused that on August 24th we started the earliest harvest in history with the absolute conviction that our grapes were ready and at their best aromatic and fresh moment.

After a manual harvest, the bunches were transported to the winery after the first selection in the vineyard. In the cellar, they are spread out on the sorting table and only those that are healthy, clean and aromatic continued the process. The grains of the grape went directly to the press, however, without maceration, as a result, a clean and intense must went directly to a fermentation vat with its own yeasts. The wine was kept for 12 months with its lees in constant and slow movement, then only 10% went into the French oak barrels for 3 months where the aging was also done on the lees, and finally the assemblage is done. The bottles are stored in the cellar for 4 months before being released to the market.

The 2017 harvest shows a yellow pale color with reflections of sweet lime accompanied by a great brilliance. On the nose it has a magnificent collection of orange blossom and jasmine, which is mixed with passion fruit, apricot and nuts. In the end, balsamic notes are shown. On the palate, it is fresh, with a great volume and saline, with a praiseworthy harmony, a faithful reflection of its aging on lees.

Because of its youth and intense floral aromas, the 2017 vintage can be paired with sea flavors, hake, sea bass, oysters, clams or cockles, and also products like different salads of tomato, pepper, asparagus…

The label has a thermosensitive logo so that when the wine is chilled at the right serving temperature, a small boat appears and disappears when it is too warm for consumption.