Mar De Frades Albarino 2018

Mar De Frades Albarino 2018

Mar de Frades
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Mar de Frades Albarino 2018

Mar de Frades the best expression of the Albariño grape.

A fruity wine with marine reminiscences that seduces us with its elegant freshness

The autumn started with high temperatures that caused a delay in the fall of the leaf and in the decay of the strains, so the time of pruning and the winter arrived, with abundant cold hours. In April the buds deployed the first leaves and it began the strong and abundant rains period until the end of June. The flowering took place with the first high temperatures and the fruit setting took place in a short sunny interval, which gave rise to small, numerous and compact clusters. The veraison arrived on August 10th, at the same time as the intense hours of sun, which led to an uninterrupted maturation with a stepped synthesis of aromas. On September 14th, we began a harvest that we can define as unique and excellent.
The harvest begins in our vineyards, cutting only those healthy bunches that will be transported to the cellar in small boxes. Only the 87% of those grapes were elaborated and taken to the Ganímedes macerators, where they remain with their skins with CO2 for 40 hours. This way we obtain clean and strongly floral musts, which will ferment with their own yeasts to reveal the Atlantic and varietal aromas of the wine. Subsequently, the liquid will remain for 5 months aging on its lees.
This wine presents a crystalline profile, lemon color and reflections of green apple peel. The radiant aspect invites to appreciate the floral notes on the nose, jasmine and violets that are interspersed with fennel, mango and apricot, and accompany the intensity of the saline notes. On the palate, it is seen sublime, bold and forceful, to reach a sophisticated and Atlantic end.

The saline and floral notes of the vintage let us pair it with sea flavors such as cockles, barnacles or raw clams. Also thanks to its wrapping and forcefulness on the palate it is a wine that we can enjoy with pork tenderloin dishes or cured cheeses.

The label has a thermosensitive logo so that when the wine is chilled at the right serving temperature, a small boat appears and disappears when it is too warm for consumption.