Edi Simcic Pinot Grigio 2017

Edi Simcic Pinot Grigio 2017

Edi Simčič
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Edi Simčič Pinot Grigio 2017

As a variety, it can be a little restrained, almost apathetic, unless we take it to the extreme. We harvest it at full maturity. Maintains a freshness that is not always present in the Pinot Gris. When he is young, he acts a bit uncut, always full, stronger. A rare style at our ends: either love it or not. It is more reminiscent of Alsatian style than anything else.

It offers aromas of hazelnuts, including flowers and some of the typical spiciness of gray pinot.

Method of Aging and Production:

Maturation: 10 months in oak barrels.


Goriška Brda, a place where the soft Northern Mediterranean and the Southern Alps merge. A place where the soil is rich in salts and minerals. The hills are written with white wines: Mediterranean exotic, mineral, full and fresh at the same time, capable of longer maturation, up to five, six years. We trust the rebula and its potential. Rebula is a type of pride, our identity. Red? We have long believed in them. They require maturity, longevity. The vineyards of Brda can do it.


THE WINE HISTORY is conceived, knit and ennobled by the vine itself. The man is her companion. Edi Simčič Cellar is a wine house with a short tradition of bottling wines, but the experience and love of the vine has been shaped through the genera of the Simčič family who have been able to listen to nature.

From its initial beginnings in 1989 with 2,000 bottles, today's production has already reached 45,000 bottles of wine beyond the borders of home soil and has fans in all five continents of the world.

The wide selection of bottled wines is divided into two lines: the base line represents the entry point into the world of wines, including white pinot, Triton (a genus of chardonnay, sauvignon and gray pinot), Duet pink and Duet (merlot and cabernet sauvignon). It is complemented by a line of finished wines that express the full potential of structure, strength and elegance. In this company, with the golden crown on the labels, are rebula, malvasia, pinot, chardonnay, sauvignon, Triton lex (genus chardonnaya, sauvignon and rebula), Kozana (single-position chardonnay), Duet lex and Colossus. Specialties include two sweet wines made from dried grapes, a white Eddie selection and red Bosa dew.