Opihr London Dry Gin FAR EAST EDITION 43% 0,7l

Opihr London Dry Gin FAR EAST EDITION 43% 0,7l

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In addition to the Editions Oriental Spiced, European and Arabian, the Far East Edition belongs to a special series of Opihr Gin.
The aim of this series is to refine a classic London Dry Gin with botanicals from the respective edition.

For the Far East Edition, we used ingredients that can be found in the old, very traditional spice trade.
The main ingredient in this opiate gin is the Szechuan pepper, the seed husks of Chinese ash - this releases earthy, slightly smoky aromas and flavours.

Tasting notes:

Color: Clear.
Nose: Strong, intense spices, Szechuan peppers, citrus fruits, lavender.
Taste: Soft, round, rich, pungent spices, Szechuan peppers.
Finish: Long lasting.