Nemiroff LEX Vodka 40% Vol. 1l

Nemiroff LEX Vodka 40% Vol. 1l

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Nemiroff is the market leader in Ukraine and creates a premium vodka of the extra class with Lex.
Nemiroff is considered one of the best vodka producers in the world today. It was named "BRAND NAME No. 1" for the second time in a row by the "WORLD MILLIONAIRES CLUB", which represents the largest vodka producers in the world.

In addition to a wheat base, a wide variety of secret ingredients complement this product. Storage for six months allows the distillates to harmonise into a particularly mild vodka.

- International ProdExpo 2004: "Grand Prix" as best special vodka

Tasting notes:

Colour: White.
Nose: Light, sweet, spicy.
Taste: Soft, sweet, creamy, strong character, spicy.
Finish: Long lasting.