Krug 2006

Krug 2006

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Champagne Krug Vintage 2006

Circle Vintage in the world of Circle

In the House of the Circle, each Circle of Vintage is prepared differently, created to reveal an expression of the specific character of that year that only the House of the Circle can uniquely capture. There are as many stories as there are Circle Vintage champagnes.

Krug 2006 tells the story of this amazing year as captured by the Krug House. Wines prepared from the fruits of this harvest have a high level of acidity, which gives freshness, and at the same time are balanced by a good profile of taste and aroma. This year was known as 10/10 year, due to the very high level of acidity / very high level of maturity, which happens very rarely.

These very promising still wines obviously needed some patience, hoping for a great vintage Krug - and time is an ally of Krug wines.

The wine is mixed from:

· Chardonnay (31%),

· Pinot noira (48%) in

· Meuniera (21%) coming from 17 different vines.