Kollwentz Chardonnay Gloria 2017 Magnum 1.5l

Kollwentz Chardonnay Gloria 2017 Magnum 1.5l

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Kollwentz Chardonnay Gloria 2017 Magnum 1.5L

The single vineyard Gloria was mentioned for the first time in the land register of Forchtenstein in 1570. It stretches at an altitude of 300 to 325 meters above sea level and is thus the highest vineyard on the Leithagebirge. The woods enclosing this only 5,25 hectar small site on all sides have a cooling influence. The Kollwentz estate vineyards are covering 3,2 hectares of Gloria. Due to its southeast exposure, the vines are pampered by the sun already early in the morning.

Besides, the early heat ensures rapid drying of the berries. The grapes will therefore enjoy long hang-times in fall without being jeopardized by early noble rot.

The soil of Gloria consists of calcareous rocky brown earth with an extremely high portion of limestone. The uppermost soil horizon is merely 30 to 40 cm thick, limy rock starting immediately therebelow.

The ripening period is slow because of the prominent height position of the hill and the cooling influence from the woods. Low vigor leads to reduced yields. Small bunches carrying small aromatic berries produce plenty of minerality and spiciness year after year.

Chardonnay has been grown on the slopes of the Leithagebirge for almost 900 years. The Cistercian monks brought Chardonnay vines from Burgundy around 1150. Ried Gloria, first mentioned in 1570, is the highest single-vineyard site of the Leithagebirge. On lean shelly marl soil it develops slowly to full ripeness. The key elements of this wine are a marked minerality and finesse. Chardonnay Gloria marries beautifully with seafood, shellfish and pasta.

  • variety: Chardonnay
  • vineyard site: Gloria, first mentioned in 1570
  • southeast facing slope at the Leithagebirge, elevation: 300 to 325 m
  • limestone soil on limostone rock
  • dry farming - no irrigation
  • yield: 35 hl/ha
  • selective manual hand harvest
  • ripening in small barrels of french oak, 18 months on the lees
  • Alcohol: 14 % by vol, dry