Lagavulin 'The Distillers Edition' Edition 2020 0.7l

Lagavulin 'The Distillers Edition' Edition 2020 0.7l

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Pedro-Ximenez wine is the heavy, sweet product of sun-dried, golden grapes that are left on the vines until early/mid-September so they can still develop additional sugar content and flavour.

This particular Lagavulin has been post-matured in Pedro Ximenez casks, adding some softness and more complexity in flavour to the classic Lagavulin.

Distilled: 2005
Bottled: 2020

Tasting notes:

Colour: Amber.
Nose: Peat, vanilla, sultanas, malt.
Taste: Slightly sweet, clear, salty, notes of malt, sherry, peat, coffee, vanilla.
Finish: Long lasting, peat and fruit.