Rudolf Furst Centgrafenberg Gg Riesling 2016

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Rudolf Fürst Centgrafenberg GG Riesling 2016

Of course, the Centgrafenberg is also in the Bürgstadter Berg. So is surrounded by the first layer. Everything used to be Centgrafenberg. The family has 6 hectares of vineyards (red and white together) in Centgrafenberg. This year there are only 2500 bottles of Riesling Riesling. We have to fight for allocation. There are over 5000 bottles of Pinot Noir from this location and a bit of Pinot Noir. The wine grows entirely on colored sandstone with iron content. That is the flavor of these wines. Just like the first layer as a whole grape, immediately squeezed and pressed, no downtime. Fermentation occurs spontaneously. This whole batch of approximately 2500 bottles of large plants was fermented in a large barrel. The nose from this tiny yield, from this ferruginous sandstone, is on the one hand this delicious 2016, on the other hand this spicy as we had it in red wine. Reminiscent of iron, blood, iodine and minerals. That already gives a lot of mineral pressure under the nose. A nice combination in the mouth. Although everything was botrytis free, we have a little hint of mango. In addition beautiful fresh apple, light pearliness, pink ripe grapefruit, and a little passion fruit. That gives spice. The whole underlaid with iodine and mint. Kumquat, a little physalis. Very piquant, very idiosyncratic mouth from this very special location. And yet this delicacy, this ripe acidity from 2016. The wine has an incredible tension from this vineyard. From this very complex fruit aroma that is so unique. We are associative with a large plant from the best location in the Rheingau, to make it comparable. But at the same time we have the almost erotic tension of the wines from the Nahe. Somewhere this is a cross between a little Dellchen by Helmut Dönnhoff and a little by Oetinger Siegelsberg. This is really a great substance, and like 2015, this large plant is one of the great large plants of the vintage and is one of the very best.

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