Reichsrat Von Buhl Suez Vintage Brut Nature 2015

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Reichsrat von Buhl Suez Vintage Brut Nature 2015

The grapes come 100% from our own Grand Cru locations. The Suez gets 40 months of yeast storage, 4 months longer than would be required for a vintage champagne. The base wine is aged in large wood on the yeast and then bottled in April 2016 until disgorging in July 2019. The sparkling wine will then have its market launch on November 17th to mark the 150th anniversary of the opening of the Suez Canal. Von Buhl already provided wines for the inauguration ceremony 150 years ago. With its release, this will be perhaps the largest sparkling wine released by Buhl to date. The Rosé Prestige 2013 was great, but the Suez has an incredibly fine fruit, lots of cassis and red currant, a little passion fruit, light exotic, but also pear, apple and lemongrass. We have the same Cassis note here as we often find in the Pechstein, as it is the base wines from the GGs. The sparkling wine has an incredible length and an incredible sex appeal. In the first approach, you would never get a Riesling sparkling wine, that is merciless champagne quality. It is only through this fine apple note, the lime and the lemongrass that you come to the conclusion that it must be Riesling. This is damn good stuff.

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