Movia Pinot Noir 2013

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Movia Pinot Noir 2013

Average vine age:
30 years
Cultivation: organic

Late grape harvesting, hand-picked with a short period between the picking and fermentation – 2 hours maximum. Beginning of fermentation in large fermentation tanks with natural yeast picked out from the same grapes harvested during pre-harvesting (5 %). Maceration takes place from 3 to 4 weeks till the completion of fermentation until the cap of grape skins sinks to the bottom of the tank and clears the wine naturally. The wine is thus ready for a long and fully active life in barriques, without decanting. Quiet fermentation is completed in wooden barriques where wine matures on its own lees without decanting. Until it is bottled no sulphur or any other conservation additive is used. Thus the wine has gone through all natural processes and becomes sound and stable naturally, ready to last one lifetime of ours.

Maturing in barriques up to or 4 years: volume 220 l – French oak

Bottles are placed on their side for 6 months.

Pinot Noir is like a virus. Once you're infected, there's practically no cure. At the same time it is one of the most difficult varieties for cultivation: there is no system, there are no rules, neither in selecting the parcel, nor in deciding on the method of planting, nor regarding the right time for harvesting. This is a variety that never ceases to surprise - sometimes it brings joy, sometimes disappointment. It causes so many headaches that even a small success delivers great joy.

Whenever we are paid a visit by a fellow winemaker and ask what we could offer, they most often ask for the Pinot Noir. This is the "acid test" of any winemaker. It showcases the producer as it is the most difficult to make faultlessly. There are not many Pinot Noir producers around the world. Any winemaker who would not pass for indifferent and desires a certain level of quality in all his wines has to be quite brave to include a Pinot Noir in his range.

Pinot Noir was always one of flagship wines under the Movia name. This one comes from a warm 2009 vintage in which Pinot Noir had a chance to ripen fully and evenly. It shows deeper garnet to brown colour demonstrating maturity. The nose is unmistakably of Pinot Noir, with gentle leather, earthy notes and forest fruits forming a very fine sensation. Dry on the palate with brave, firm, silky tannins, with just enough acidity that nicely lift its character and are giving the wine its longevity. This one is to drink now and will give most of its pleasure in next decade.

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