Krutzler Perwolff Blaufrankisch 2017

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Krutzler Perwolff Blaufränkisch 2017

A wine with a good reputation that has contributed significantly to the Austrian red wine success story. Awarded many national and international awards, it is the flagship of the winery. Wonderful typical Blaufränkisch nose, which already lets you feel the balance of the wine between strength and finesse. Dense cherry and full forest berries with a slight wildness of red meat and tanned leather. Lined in the mouth immediately. Robust tannins, tense acidity and rich cherry with a hint of sloe. Full body and long lasting. Finest dark chocolate, coffee and bitter almond in the finish. From the first nose to the last sip, an all-round great wine that lives up to its good reputation. A pioneer and archetype of southern Burgenland. Must be tried.

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