J.painturaud Secrets De Famille Grande Champagne Cognac 0.7l

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J.Painturaud Secrets de Famille Grande Champagne Cognac 0.7L

Created for the Painturaud House’s 80th anniversary, this very old Cognac comes from the family’s oldest eaux-de-vie, all kept in our cellars for a very long time. An intense mahogany colour, the Cognac develops nice aromas of stone fruit, spices and “rancio”. The mouth feel is powerful and round, developing aromas of spicy wood with a candied after taste. The aromas evolve into leather, undergrowth and tobacco.
Secrets de Famille” is presented in a crystal carafe with a wooden cork for transport and a crystal cork to serve. The carafe is in an elegant wooden box. The carafe and wooden box are handmade.

Limited edition!

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