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Brooklyn Handcrafted Small Batch Gin - New Yorkers are crazy about this Gin made in Brooklyn, NY. Outside of the Big Apple however, the handmade Brooklyn Gin has not yet become as famous. Two former employees of one of the biggest spirits companies in the United States decided that they had enough of the industrial production of alcohol and broke free to establish their own gin. Only using traditional methods and the freshest ingredients is what makes the Brooklyn Gin so special to its founders and enthusiasts.

While neither accepting compromises nor shortcuts in production, the duo remains independent and still produces its gin by hand. From preparing the ingredients to distilling the gin - every step in the process of creating the Brooklyn Gin is dedicated to create a distinctive gin. As for choosing the ingredients, the fruits are locally purchased, the corn for the spirit is grown in upstate New York, and the botanicals are carefully chosen to guarantee a gin of high quality. While gin is enjoyed with refreshing tonic water or in combination with other cocktails most of the time, the manufacturers of this gin highly recommend drinking it on its own.

Please note: Brooklyn Gin is a true craft spirit, manufactured and hand-bottled in a small distillery. Due to this, different capacities can occur.

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